Logistics Optimization Systems (LOS)

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Industry Leaders in Logistics Collaboration

  • We work hand in hand with every aspect of the logistics Industry
  • 3PLs, 4PLs, Carriers (LTL & FTL), Freight Management Companies and Brokers
  • Through solid relationships we bring the power of all providers to benefit our clients
  • This collaborative approach eliminates Haversack Logistics of competition
  • Eliminating Competition places the true focus on our clients Logistics Optimization

Lean Methodology to Optimization

  • 57 years of Lean Methodology to greatly positively impact all aspects of our client’s operations
  • A focused Lean program drives optimization, process improvement and overall cost reduction
  • This Lean approach identifies the greatest areas of waste in our clients Logistics operations:
    1. Transport – Moving of products through inefficient operations
    2. Inventory – Excess storing parts, pieces, and products due to transport failures
    3. Over production – compensating for logistic failures by producing more than is required
    4. Over processing – Having to repeat a process due to other system failures
    5. Defects – Rework, incorrect documentation failures due to lack of systems
    6. Skills – Underutilizing capabilities, delegating tasks with inadequate training
    7. Motion – Repeating unproductive steps in a process
    8. Waiting – For parts, material or inventory due to delays in transport

Dynamic Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Reporting is customized to meet individual operational needs
  • Dynamic reporting through dashboards that show real-time impact on operational decisions
  • Monthly reports that drill down to every operational aspect to optimize efficiency
  • Executive level reports:
    1. Vendor cost analysis and management
    2. P&L Analysis in all area of Logistical Spend
    3. Freight as a % of Sales analysis
    4. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Logistics spend forecasting
    5. Detailed Distributing patterns
    6. Probability forecast and trend analysis

Base Rate Tariff Investment

  • All Haversack Logistics clients LTL pricing is secured against a 2010 Czar Lite Tariff
  • Securing rates under the Haversack Logistics tariff is an investment to level logistics cost for decades
  • Haversack Logistics has exclusive rights to this Tariff to control base rate increases
  • 4.9% has been the average annual Base Rate Increase for LTL Carriers for the past 7 years
  • Haversack Logistics Clients are not subject to these rate increase

Dedicated Operations Experts

  • Haversack Logistics Provides each Client with a dedicated Operation Expert
  • This Individual will become a true Member of each client’s management staff
  • Provide expert knowledge in areas of LTL, FTL, Parcel, Intermodal and International
  • Skills and expertise that these Individuals bring to our clients:
    1. Serve as a subject matter expert to teach and guide operational improvements
    2. Negotiates LTL Pricing through a detailed RFP Process
    3. Leverage Client Spend and Market Share to Create Cost Savings
    4. Improved Carrier Services, Relationship and Communication
    5. Help to mediate dispute resolutions with carriers
    6. Provide Transportation/Distribution Guidance and Solutions on All Logistics Operations
    7. Provide guidance, education and solutions to major changes in the Logistics industry

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